Saturday, June 27, 2015

June Stitch from Stash or I made to the end of the first the black!

Well, this month I travelled nearly 9,000 miles to buy some stash.......and got to the end of the first half of the Stitch from Stash year!  So.....

Carried forward from last month                    $81.59
Spent at All Threads, Brisbane                      -$41.76
Spent at Mosman Needlecraft, Sydney          -$38.81
June Budget                                                     $25.00
Total remaining to spend                                 $26.02

........and only three days left to spend it........since we all start with a clean slate on 1st July!  Hmm, nothing I really need so I might just let it go........

I'll be back tomorrow (maybe) with some photographs of our trip and my Gifted Gorgeousness post - in the right place this time, sorry, Jo!

Friday, May 29, 2015

Stitch from Stash for May.......late! And a very brief Gifted Gorgeousness update......

Carried forward from last month    $103.58
Gift Certificate.                                   25.00
Thread and Eye.                                 -45.00
Stitching Bits and Bobs.                    -20.79
May Budget.                                       25.00
Total                                                    81.59 to spend!

Oh gosh, I'm on a trip today, the longest I've ever been on AND with a seven hour layour at LAX, treating ourselves to the lounge which will be rather nice....

So, some spending occurred, here in Michigan and in Canada!  All the fault of the two friends I was with, of course.......the first stop was at the Thread and Eye in London, Ontario.......lots of lovely patterns and threads and a lovely welcome from Kathy who seemed to know our companion, Melissa, really well........just saying.........!

Keeping an eye on the exchange rate I concentrated on patterns and came away with an appropriate one for a friend, another that I'm ashamed to say I can't remember what it is and a real autumny one from Jeaneette Douglas which I thought appropriate!

Back in Michigan, of course I HAD to take other friend, Frances, to Stitching Bits and Bobs up in Plainwell.........well, what can I say....she went all sulky when I said we might not get there.....  This was an opportunity to spend the gift certificate from lovely friend, Mouse, not the last birthday but the one before that........eighteen months old!  Worth waiting though as I got all the threads for the Douglas piece.

Add in five DMCs and a couple of GAST threads from here in town and Bob, as they say, is me mum's brother!

No photographs, sitting drinking coffee at just past the crack of dawn and must go and finish getting ready.......

Lots of love, gillie

PS....Gifted Gorgeousness.......well, I was the lucky one with treats from Ruth and Jo.  Do go and chuckle commiserate with Ruth and her Stitch from Stash and see the chart I won and scroll all the way back to April 20th on Jo's blog to see her beautiful stitching on the chart I won for being (with immense skill, I might add) her 7000th commenter!  Thank you, ladies!

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

3 for 1 deal, SFS, GG and Smalls!

Stitch from Stash - April
Well, another three SALs for the price of one.......and since time is running out on the above one let's not waste any more time........

Carried over from March $78.58
April Budget                     $ 25.00
Finish 75 x 85                   $  8.00
Spent #                              $  8.00
Available to Spend            $103.58

# Small confession here....I lost the receipt, I know I bought four GAST threads to use on Anniversaries of the Heart, but not entirely sure of the cost so putting down $2.00 each and will adjust next month if necessary.........

So here's the finish......finally....the May farmhouse......I did NOT like the choice of colour for the flower on the right so, can't remember....!

Gifted Gorgeousness

And moving swiftly

VERY late, sorry, Jo......but the above qualifies for GG as well as dear Mouse gave me the chart several years ago for my birthday.......thanks, pet!

I'm taking a bit of break with AOH as building houses is quite stressful and I've run out of the Used Brick colour too!  I've moved onto a band sampler that's been lying around in at least two states and another country so its time has definitely come around again!  Pictures next time!

Smalls SAL

And finally.......a day early........gosh.......

Okay, well, this SAL.......just forget all the rubbish about only showing completely finished items, whose daft idea was THAT?

This is JBW's Bienvenue .....lots of dear little houses on hills, not sure how I will finish it yet.....

So, three SALs compacted into one on the appropriate icons in the sidebar to find out more about them.

Finally.......some received Gifted Gorgeousness, both on the same day, from Maryland and Saudi Arabia......aren't I lucky?

First of all...from DJ......a combination birthday gift and RAK........goodness, a hard act to follow, the first picture isn't brilliant but in the second one you see the beautiful stitching and the pop of red in the heart and the initials.  Thank you, DJ!

And then all the way from the Kingdom .....finally.....when both Denise and I were giving up hope........this arrived for the Valentine's Day exchange.....along with some delicious white tea.....

A beautiful LHN design with the words Vanilla and Chocolate on, which immediately gives a feeling of contentment, doesn't it?  Beautifully stitched and put onto a project holder from Impie, Hattie and Bea.  The threads inside are the ones I am using for the Bienvenue piece, a place for needles and our initials and the date in the corner.  Perfect!  Thank you Denise! to link up and have a little look around to see what everyone else has been up to......