Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Stitch From Stash 2015-A January post and Smalls SAL

 Well, squeaking in here at the last minute as usual but don't faint......with a finish!  My courage failed me when it came time to stitch the silk ribbon around it so beads were attached which goes some way to explain why I'm so late.......

Shepherds Bush
Our Hearts Pincushion
30 x 30 ($2.00)
I have had the chart for more than six months and all the stitching was completed in 2015.  Kate.....start breathing again, please.......

So, just the facts, ma'am..........

Month - January
Budget - $25.00
Spent - $4.00
Earned $2.00
Total remaining - $23.00

This is also my entry for the January Smalls SAL.  I've decided only complete finishes will be eligible for this SAL so you may well not see me back here again, lol!

I'll be back tomorrow or the next day to show you how I spent the $4.00.

Thursday, January 15, 2015

January and the first Gifted Gorgeousness post

Bet you thought I'd forgotten, didn't you? I must admit I am squeaking in at the last minute but I made it!

Jo at Serendipitous Stitching had the lovely idea of the Gifted Gorgeousness SAL which give us all a chance to stitch on, display and thank again all the generous people who have gifted us with patterns, fabric or threads.  The one I am showing today comes under the heading.....

...........Any chart/kit which was given to you

Our Hearts Pincushion
Shepherds Bush

This was gifted to me by my sweet chum, DJ, she of Tickled Pink fame, and regrettably I don't remember when...... Not the best photograph, taken with my iPad, the finished one will be better!

It's a beautiful one from Shepherds Bush, I'm not sure how I'll finish it, but would really love to have it on the display shelf for February.......

Promises, promises, sigh!

Friday, December 12, 2014

Advent Blog Hop

Hello, and many thanks to Jo for hosting this Hop, my second year taking part.  The picture above was taken in dubious light an hour before I left for DC to help The Girl move apartments.  Do we call her the Baltimore Babe now?  Hmm, better run it by her first!

We will be in Wyoming again this year with the Cowboys, large and small and the Cowgirl is walking.....can't wait!

Best ever present......
Hmm, that's hard but one I remember was given to me many moons ago, I was ten and living in Hohne, Germany, an Army brat, deep snow on the ground and I got......roller skates!  Not the fancy inline skates you get now but the ones where you turned a key and the clampy things on the side tightened and held on, hopefully, to your shoes.  Elsa, who worked for my mum, a bit on the dour side, it has to be said, sighed and won't  be using those until March....she was right but sledging was a great substitute!
When the snow finally melted a whole group of us would skate for hours, don't remember the learning process.....probably fell a up, carried on, stiff upper lip, don't you know.....
The very best place  to skate was the Tank Road, better than tarmac, reinforced concrete and we got yelled at many a time to get out of the d*** road as those behemoths went by......nobody ever seemed to think it would probably have been safer to ban us from there.....!

One last memory.....that Christmas, my mum was pregnant with my sister who would be born in March but I remember her putting on the skates and doing a great glide through our long sitting dining area with Elsa.....yup, shaking her head and muttering!

Have a wonderful Christmas, everyone, and here's to 2015 and the Gifted Gorgeousness extravaganza!