Sunday, March 30, 2014

Sunday Selections ...

... has moved to HERE permanently.

With many thanks to the World Traveller for providing some of the photographs and all of the captions.

I'll be back tomorrow with a stitchy post.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Stitch from Stash and Smalls SAL (very small!)

Stitch from Stash 

How did I do...... really well, ZERO dollars spent!  Even though we had a weekend amnesty thanks to Mel's partner because of the Nashville show, I still didn't succumb but I did make a bit of a wish list, I must admit!  Don't have much to show you in stitching as much of the month was taken up finishing and releasing two round robins to Maryland and Lancashire.  I have almost finished a small ornament but not quite and really not done a lot more on the Nature's Alphabet SAL with Julie :(

So... moving swiftly on to the ..........

Smalls SAL

Well.... before I show you..... it IS meant to be small, right?  Oh good........

because it surely is, as you can see!  Not a very fancy finish as I was trying to get it done before I left for Wyoming.  It's a freebie found here and was the challenge for this month on Needlework Haven.

That's it from a sunny, snowy but still chilly Wyoming.... back to the little people!

Love and hugs.....

Sunday, February 16, 2014

My giveaway winner!

I drew the winner of my GYB blog post and it is........

Toni of Easy Street Ramblings!

Congratulations, Toni!

Goodness, this event was almost too much fun!  I really didn't pace myself at all well and have a LOT of blogs still to discover, hope I get through them all before Vicki announces the next party!  Many thanks to everyone who commented and/or became a follower.  I am looking forward to getting to know you all better!

Apologies for posting this a day late, I contacted Toni yesterday then forgot to press publish when I heard back from her!

Monday, February 10, 2014

February Turtle Trot and a lovely gift!

Time for another progress report.... it's the 10th of the month so it's this one - the very slow (here, at least) Turtle Trot 2014.  I signed up for this last month but have a feeling I didn't follow the rules and post my intended BAPs.....  well, not to worry, the point is to get 'em stitched!

So what I have achieved?  Um, not much on the big projects, for sure.  I am feverishly trying to get a couple of RRs completed and into the mail this month, one I am very late with and the other I will be spectacularly early!

One I am REALLY enjoying is this one..... a couple of weeks ago I was reading  a post from Julie where she mentioned she had just begun Nature's Alphabet by Elizabeth's Designs.  This has been in my stash for ever so I (virtually) plonked myself on Julie's sofa and informed her we would be SALing together - that's what cabin fever does to you, makes you pushy, lol!  She graciously agreed and Tuesday is "our" day to stitch together.  It's hard to put down, you want to keep stitching little boxes!

This was after the first week

...and this is where I am now.
Hard to believe these two pictures are showing the same piece of fabric.  The top one is closest to the real thing.  This is going to be stitched from stash so there are some empty spaces until I find the right substitute.  So that's it.... not much really!

So what's the lovely gift, I hear you say?  Well, at the beginning of the month I got a very unexpected email from the lovely Cath over in Queensland.  We are two of the 600 or so participants in Grow Your Blog 2014 and had left comments on each other's blogs.  I'd won her giveaway for the event!  Much to my surprise the parcel arrived today and I know Cath didn't post it before the 2nd.... just over a week from Oz to US!

Look what she sent..... beginning at the beginning, lol......


A beautiful handmade stitcher's wallet with a candle wicked design on the front, with buttons, needles, thread, fabric, scissors and a tape measure!  Just gorgeous and will be put to good and frequent use!  Thank you so much, Cath.......... have you needed your wellies yet, lol?

There is still time to enter my giveaway here, leave a comment and don't forget to have a look at some of the other blogs taking part!

Time to get back to stitching.... RRs to finish and send off..... complete something for OPAM..... and the Smalls SAL......try not to spend any money on stash....... not a good idea to have a look at the Nashville previews, by the some progress for February's Themalicious......attempt to redeem myself with the Scarlet Letter SAL before the 20th........  stitch a class sample for EGA......the NH monthly challenge........ and pack.......more on that next time!  Off for a bit of a lie down!

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Themalicious In a Garden.......

If you are looking for Grow Your Blog!!  and a giveaway click here

Jardin January
The holidays were a little stressful...let's relax in a nice garden. Work on any piece with flowers or gardens.

It's that time..... Themalicious and anything that can be produced that has to do with a garden, however tenuously, lol!  And quite a lot, it seems, grew quite merrily this month!
Dusty's RR from Needlecraft Haven
Victorian Welcome Sampler
Debra Designs
Dusty did the beautiful bit in the middle
(including the backstitching!) before sending
it to me, so far all I have done is the curly B looking bit......

I was wondering why I was enjoying stitching on Dusty's piece so much?  It is very pretty but not something I would necessarily choose to stitch in either design or colours and then I realised...... it reminds me of Swinburne Lodge, Darlington, the house where the Wyoming Cowboy was born and where we spent four very happy years.

The Gift of Stitching 2006 Issue 7
Midsummer Night Designs
Sweet World
I am using a lovely Stef Francis silk instead of the called for
Anchor, it looks a lot better in real life.....

Nature's Alphabet
Elizabeth's Designs
A SAL with Julie
The Algerian eyes under the B will become flowers!

Mouse's RR
LHN Little House Neighbourhood
Didn't actually STITCH a flower but there are some
as well as grass on the piece so I decided it counts!

Grilles de Maryse SAL 2014
Forgot about it until the February part arrived
so not much accomplished in January!

Polly Wolly Doodle

Band Sampler by Sharon Cohen
Just Cross Stitch Jan/Feb and March/April 2009
Quite impressive, wouldn't you say, lol?  And onto next month and.....

Fantastical Fiction February
What kind of fantasy creatures inhabit your Works in Progress? Or perhaps some fictional characters have leaped from the pages to your needles? Let's stitch on projects inspired by imagination

Can't find quite so much for the subject of this month's theme, which, quite frankly, is just as well because one of the pieces is probably coming into its THIRD year of not being finished and the other chart belongs to Ms Liz of Oz (no blog, sadly) who would probably be VERY glad to get it back this side of heaven!

Shakespeare's Peddler
Magic Garden

The Primitive Needle
Cape Cod Girls
lent by Liz
and yes, I DO know where the original is (I think!), put away
for safe keeping as this particular chart is rarer than hen's teeth!

So onward and upward, my hearties, hope all is well with everyone.  I am still hoping to get to all the blogs in Grow Your Blog 2014 before the middle of February......

Love and hugs,

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Smalls SAL and a birthday card....

Squeaking in at the last minute.... I didn't exactly "stitch" on this in a forwards direction in order to finish it this year. More reversed stitch to take out the over one initial which I had done but disliked!  Hope this will still count...... well, it's my story etc!  I really didn't like this chart when I began it and it sat with only the A and B completed for a very long time then suddenly enthusiasm blossomed and I love it.  Not sure yet how I'll finish it.  I've decided that smalls for me means anything under 100 x 100 stitch count.

Quaker Blackbird
Little by Little
 The other thing I have to show you is a birthday card from Pittsburgh Girl who knows me well.  She sent me a lovely parcel with several nice packages inside but it was the card that really made me laugh!

Be back soon with the Themalicious update....... coo, it's all go, ain't it?

love and hugs x

Monday, January 27, 2014

Stitch from Stash 2014... Grow Your Blog....And Other Sundries!

My first Stitch from Stash 2014 post! 

Like so many of us, I NEED this challenge, either that or to live past the next millennium! I did okay but surprising how it mounts up!  I bought a couple of DMC threads thinking I had to send them in an RR but turns out we all use our own as each piece arrives.  However, I had a momentary qualm about dye lots and went ahead and sent the colour used to "frame" the piece since I had two skeins of one dye lot and one of another!  The fabric came from stash AND the pattern.  I'll post a picture in another post as forgot to take one before it went winging its merry way to Lynn in Lancashire!

I also bought some Congress cloth and stretcher bars, some ecru perle and a skein of Caron Impressions to use in an EGA piece that we will be stitching at our March meeting.  The cloth will be paid for out of chapter funds which is nice!

So, time for some accounts.....

For RR - DMC x 6 @ 40 cents each (sorry UK!) minus 15% coupon plus tax = $2.04
? - Weeks and GAST threads (ashamed to say can't remember what for) @ 2.00 each minus 10%  discount for EGA plus tax $9.54
For EGA March meeting - Caron Impressions and perle cotton minus 10% for guild  discount plus tax $5.36

Grand Total: $16.94

As they used to say on my school reports in maths.......could do better!  I could take off the DMC as the RR was arranged last year and being on the programme committee for EGA I need to make a sample of the project, but I will be strong....!  It will be interesting to see just how much I do spend/take from stash over the year.  To that end, I have also decided to keep a running total for fabric, yarn and craft magazines too.....

Stop Press - just saw an email from Mel so have removed the stretcher bars from the list, hooray!

Cotton yarn for dishcloths as I am working my way through a crochet book

5 @ $2.19 and 1 @ $1.29 cotton yarn $12.24

Stitch magazine (UK Embroiderers Guild) - was completely swayed by cover (fabric cupcakes) and then nothing appealed inside.  I used a gift card from Christmas and my B and N discount but still came to a whopping $10.79

Fabric $0

Moving swiftly on.....

Today was reveal day on Needlecraft Haven for our monthly Christmas Challenge and the design came from here, the fabric and threads were from stash....

A freebie from The Little Stitcher
The Sheep Day
December 1, 2013 post

It pays to hold onto small pieces
of fabric - wasn't this perfect?
Don't hold your breath but maybe I'll have twelve finished ornaments next December!  Well, a stitcher can but dream!  We have another sweet (and small!) one for February so I am reasonably hopeful for another month, at least!

This has been a fun weekend in the world of blogging because of the lovely Vicki.  A lot of blogs to check out and say something nice!  I am hoping to visit them all and leave a comment, wish me luck!  There is still time to visit them all and perhaps enter a giveaway (including mine!) and leave a comment on the January 25th post.  Names will be drawn (with a few exceptions) on February 15th.

This stitching from stash seems to have had a trickle down effect in food shopping, eating out and book buying for the Kindle......  I've been keeping my receipts this month from the supermarket (apologies to those who know exactly how much they spend!) and for each meal have tried to use an item from the pantry and/or the freezer.  It's working well and we've had some good meals, a couple from here, the Chicken Paprika, Black Beans and Rice and the Honey Lime Fruit Salad will all be made again.  No eating out until February, even though it's my birthday today, sniff, and only free books have been allowed on the Kindle...... pretty impressive, don't you think?

I'll leave you with a weather update...... looking at the inches on the left of the ruler........

There are actually steps below the steps you can see...
and one of us has to risk life and limb on them
Why?  I'll tell you, it's all to do with a
cup of coffee and a door opener.....
just sayin'
See, DJ, no feet!

Right leg covered with snow to the knee...and the left was the same!

Sunday Selections will pick up next week with something completely unrelated to winter weather!

Wherever you are, enjoy your week and keep warm/cool!