Saturday, August 22, 2015

August's Gifted Gorgeousness and almost on time!

I know......I'm amazed as you are.......August 22nd, no less and only a week late for the GG SAL.......see, Jo, I CAN (almost) do it!

Very little stitching around these parts so no goals for August, we had visitors for a fortnight from the UK and Pittsburgh Girl, Mr E and Mr G drove up from Pittsburgh through construction, storms and general Friday night traffic yuckiness to see PG's aunt and uncle so a very full house for a couple of nights. 

Well, the one I really want to show you is this little beauty from Mary - isn't it lovely? A Teresa Wentzler freebie found here called Peacock Tapestry Ornament.


and this was what I sent to Mary, after much faffing about.  I stitched one, disliked my colour choices AND the pattern, went to Australia, came back, still hated it and in two days flat, stitched and finished the one the poor girl eventually received and she was kind enough to say she liked it.  I sent it with a skein of Threadworx.

Tiny Little Quaker
Papillon Creations
Gloriana Forest Fire
(I think!)
To finish off....a couple of pictures from last Tuesday morning, a beautiful mist combined with the sunrise over a farm near our home.

Well, dears, it's getting late so I'm off to bed.  Love and hugs, don't forget to smile and be kind to all!

Friday, July 31, 2015

July's Gifted Gorgeousness, well, it's still July here!

Well, according to Jo's Widgety thingy I am just squeaking in.........must get better, must get better, the 15th is a perfectly respectable date, why can't I remember it, lol?

Okay, so what do we have........well, first of all I offer for your viewing pleasure....Cottage Garden Samplings July, a delightful chart as they all are, but oh my, such stupid mistakes were made by the you can see the left hand row of little bees are too far in....was going to ignore it but excuse the pun, it bugs the socks off me and there's a little fudge at the bottom, no, don't go rushing to look, there's a good thing......oh, too late, you did?  Well, don't think it's going to be finished in July seeing as how there are only just over 14 hours left of the month.  B- minus because of the daft mistakes. Oops, almost forgot to mention why it's a GG piece.......gifted to me by Miss Joyce down in hot Texas in a Secret Santa exchange.  Thank you, Joyce!

oh, and the chart is going to be sent to Jo, in a serendipitous attempt to get her to stitch more series!

Next up is this sweet one, stitched by my lovely friend, Melissa (who needs to update her blog?) in Ontario and our hostess when Frances and I visited her in May.  A similar ornament now resides in Last of the Summer Wine country in Yorkshire.  Thank you, Melissa, it was lovely to meet you and Miss S and an A-plus,definitely!

This lovely chart was gift lent to me by Miss Lynda.  I had admired it as it made its way along our international Round Robin route and she kindly sent it back to me so I could stitch it too.  This will be my first Carriage House Samplings design but not my last, I feel.  Thank you, Lynda, and remember......the original is in the pine chest of drawers, lol! Grade to come!

On to my last offering.......this beauty of a chart was kindly offered to Friendly Stitchers by Miss Mouse oh, a long time ago, lol, I have a feeling I was still living back in the UK.  A start was made with great enthusiasm........well, you know what when the infamous July list was made........this was the large WiP (a UFO? Nonsense!) chosen.  I'm using one strand of Gloriana's Bellagio, not terribly spring-like it has to be said, but quite lovely.  The first picture is where I left it, who knows when.......though the Y and Z were added this month......

and this is what I stitched during July.  I did a little playing around with stitches, not quite as much four-sided stitch as Mouse designed and put in Algerian eyes instead of the satin stitch on the flowers.

This one is definitely moving into August with me, must get on with the list for that.  I must say it does help to keep this poor brain a little bit on track!  Definitely an A-plus for the pleasure of stitching it!

There are a couple of biscornus to show you but they have to wait until next month, since the one I sent to France didn't get its picture taken beforehand and I forgot to ask Miss Mary to take one for me!

Better get on, the WT is arriving home late tonight and there might be a bit to do before then!  August is going to be busy, pleasurably so, family coming from the UK and then a trip to Maryland, stopping to see the Pittsburgh gang on the way and then the Baltimore Babe!  Can you believe Big Cousin, our eldest grandson, will have left for, how can that be?  Oh, and I'll be staying at a resort there.......well, I know, but that's where the WT's meeting is.......!

Lots of love......

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Stitch from Stash 2015-B

How on earth did we get to the end of July?  Quick.....Stitch from Stash.......nothing to report.....either with a finish or a purchase so......

Starting with a clean slate in July.......

Budget $25.00
Spent    $00.00
carry forward to August $25.00

Hope everyone is well?  Its hottish here, high eighties, nothing dramatic but a bit wearing, AC is wonderful but miss sleeping with open windows at night......the WT is popping here and there so no cooking which is nice but miss the lovely chap when he's away.

Lots of lovely veg from the raised beds, so far....... beans, beetroot, chard, chilis, courgettes, lettuce, peppers snow/sugar snap peas tomatoes, and still to come spuds, sprouts and spinach!

Able to take some to the Food Pantry too. 

Well, off to watch a DVD, got a day spare to link up with Jo, just as well as I need to take some pictures!

lots of love, smile a lot and be kind!